Tantric Techniques

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In this advanced "Tantric Techniques" series, by Melanie McClure, you will be given the tools you need to be a sexual superstar. These advanced physical, psychological, and emotional techniques will allow you to completely satisfy your lover, create abundant amounts of energy, and connect more deeply with other people, Earth, and God. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

While the “Taste of Tantra” gives you a solid introduction to Tantra, the “Advance Tantra Techniques” series teaches you a variety of core exercises and activities that will really set you up to fly and excel far more quickly and powerfully in your Tantric journey.

Upon enrollment into the program, you will discover:

How to incorporate in your life GAIASETS, the fundamental key practice to Ecstatic Hearts Tantra. These are exercises designed to raise the consciousness of the planet, flood your body with energy, reduce stress, increase your sexiness, and master your ability to move energy.

To keep things interesting and flexible for your schedule, these powerful practices are offered in unique offerings of 5, 12, and 28 minutes. So, no matter how busy or badly you need these amazing techniques, we have a customizable solution for you.

I also break down each technique into its own separate short video to thoroughly teach each practice and explain its importance. This way you can learn in short easily digestible chunks and customize how much you learn each day.

I have demystified Tantra to make this amazing lifestyle accessible for everyone. I culled through 1000s of techniques and practices to bring to you the very best, most effective ones in the world and incorporated them into our special Tantric energy sequence so that you get the fastest most effective results from each technique.

All these activities can be done solo or with a partner.

By learning to be a Tantra Master at home, you don’t need to go to a physical location for a class and you can practice in privacy in an environment that works best for you. And if you do decide to join us at a live retreat in the future, you will already have a foundation in place to truly accelerate your growth.

Here’s what you get

18 videos, including...

  • "What are GAIASETS and how they can improve my life" video
  • A Short, Medium, and Long guided GAIASETS practice
  • 13 unique and powerful Tantric Techniques to radically improve your life
  • "The Importance of Grounding" video

This video guides you through the many grounding practices I have found most useful which is a must have for any Tantrika embarking on a Path to Ecstatic living. Without this safety valve, your body and mind may not know what to do with all this newfound energy flooding through you. This will keep you safe and protected as you explore new realms that you didn’t know were possible.

So, get started today with the advanced "Tantric Techniques” for Enlightenment to help raise your vibration of love and joy and that of the world's.

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18 Training Videos

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Tantric Techniques

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